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Mountain Meadows is an award-winning, resident-owned, 55+ active retirement community in Ashland, Oregon.
Nestled in Southern Oregon's scenic Rogue Valley, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, 
Ashland is a center for music, art, theater, and outdoor activities.


It's coming! For the first time since 1918, a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will cross our nation. On August 21st the sky will darken, the air will cool, and for a few brief minutes, day will turn to night. Protect your eyes with appropriate sun-proof glasses. DO NOT look directly at the sun without the glasses.

Roaring 20's
All exciting acts are now booked for the Mountain Meadows resident Roaring Twenties Variety Show on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The cast of residents are in full rehearsal mode. We’ll have comedy, romance (of a sort), jazz, dance, flappers and flippers, and special guests. Plan now and mark your calendar for Tuesday afternoon 4-6 PM in Madeline Hill Park... 

Music at the Meadows
On Friday at 4 PM in the Mt. Ashland Room, Daniel Swayse, pianist, performed for Mountain Meadows residents and visitors. The room was full and the audience very appreciative. His concert included Rachmaninoff’s Transcription of Bach’s Partita in E Major for Violin, J.S. Bach’s Sonata in D Minor, Gershwin’s Preludes, and Mozart’s Sonata in D Major.

International Movie Night
Do they really make movies in Iceland? Actually, they have a terrific film industry, and our International Film this month is a 2001 Icelandic film, The Seagull’s Laughter. We’ve challenged Bill Brown to come up with an Icelandic menu on Wednesday, August 30, followed by the film at 7 PM in the Mt. Ashland Room...  

Check out the August Birthdays!
Birthdays for the month of August can be found under the menu tab "About Us".

Featured Event

On Thursday afternoon, five members of the Ashland track team spoke to a small group of our residents about their track program and what it meant to them. In this era of technology, when communication between friends is accomplished by texting rather than talking, it was clear that belonging to the track team created community and opportunity to relate to each other in a meaningful, personal way. They talked about the discipline required to compete—the will required to train—the support and encouragement they receive from coaches and fellow team members. They expressed great pride in their team and in their own personal achievements. 

The track at Ashland High School is a complete disaster. The school has patched and repaired over the last 20 years until it can no longer be safely used. It is not safe for training and certainly cannot be used for track meets. Parents and students have been fundraising for the past six months and have raised $360,000 toward their $500,000 goal. Work will begin in the September to remove the existing track and to accomplish the first stages of installing an excellent new one in its place. $140,000 will be required to finish the job in the spring. If you feel inspired to support these young athletes and those that come after them, please go to their Go Fund Me page and make a donation. Click on this link.  https://www.gofundme.com/ashlandtrack 

Upcoming Events

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