Committees & Committee Minutes

Committees assist the Board of Directors to implement activities  and to oversee both the well being of Mountain Meadows (MM) residents and the financial stability of the community.  Considered an extension of the Board of Directors, committees report directly to it. A listing of current committees, with a brief description of each, is given below. While a formal committee is so designated in its title, some of the groups listed are not committees per se but exist as groups which carry out specific functions. These are listed here for informational purposes. 

Activities and Events

The  Activities and Events Committee oversees the use of the Clubhouse space by interest groups as well as individuals, encouraging activities and events for the enjoyment of the residents. 

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for decisions concerning MM buildings and common properties. Any request for structural change to a home or building, or changes to landscaping, must be approved by this committee.

Community Arts Committee

The Community Arts Committee is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the attractive and welcoming atmosphere in the Clubhouse. All art and decorations placed in the Clubhouse must be approved by the committee. At the change of seasons, March, June, September and December, the committee facilitates the hanging of a new art exhibit in the Staircase Gallery. This committee also oversees the periodic change of artifacts in the Clubhouse display case. The Arts & Crafts interest group is a sub-group of the Community Arts Committee. 

Community Marketing

The Community Marketing Committee's purpose is to develop strategies which will communicate to the public the unique sense of community that exists at Mountain Meadows. With the slogan, "We own it. We run it. We love it," our goal is to keep the community flourishing, and to find ways to communicate to the public the opportunities for independent living that are unique to Mountain Meadows. This committee publicizes the benefits of life at MM through outreach to the Rogue Valley and beyond, encouraging people to visit and to experience our community.


This committee is responsible for conducting the annual election of the MMOA Board members and special elections, as needed.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Committee

This committee designs, implements, and maintains emergency preparedness and safety measures for the Mountain Meadows Community. This includes education and training of personnel, and advising the Board of Directors on recommended measures to enhance safety and ensure improved protection of life and well-being in the event of emergency conditions. 


The Finance Committee is charged with overseeing the financial health of the community. In that capacity, the committee establishes yearly budgets and monitors actual expenditures-to-budget allocations. It also monitors yearly reserve studies and reserve expenditures. It establishes resident operating and reserve dues within the constraints of the Governing documents so as to meet budget requirements. Mountain Meadows is in a healthy financial condition with both operating and reserve funds which are well-funded.


The Fitness Committee oversees the Mountain Meadows fitness program which is provided for residents so they can maintain and improve their physical health. Fitness facilities include the Fitness Center with workout equipment, swimming pool, and hot tub. A staff trainer assists residents in the use of equipment and helps develop individually-tailored fitness programs. Fitness classes are also provided both by the trainer and by outside specialists.

Food Services Committee

The Food Services Committee meets monthly with the chef and the dining room manager to discuss any concerns that arise about food selection, menus, special meal events or management issues. The committee advises and makes recommendations to the MMOA Board on matters related to food services on the MMOA campus. 

Grounds and Natural Areas

Members of the Grounds and Natural Areas Committee provide the Community Director and the MMOA Board with general oversight and guidance regarding the common outdoor grounds such as landscaping, new plantings, irrigation and Kitchen Creek and its riparian areas. They work closely with the Community Director and the landscaping contractor when problems arise or decisions need to be made that effect the residents. Community Arts Committee which has responsibility for esthetic considerations in both the Clubhouse and in common areas in the community, collaborates with the Grounds & Natural Areas Committee. 

Library Subcommittee

The resident-initiated and implemented Mountain Meadows Library resides in the Clubhouse. It is currently run by a group of seven dedicated resident-librarians who organize and maintain this library of books, magazines, and newspapers for use by MM residents. The Library houses over 3500 volumes of all genres: fiction and non-fiction, drama, comedy, health, mystery, travel, science, spirituality, sports, and others, as well as audio-visual materials and audio books. The Library is a work in progress. Purchase of new books is supported by the MMOA budget and the Bookmark-a-Milestone program which allows residents to honor others through the purchase and dedication of books. Books may also be donated by residents.

Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee will be responsible for implementing the new five year plan, currently being developed by the Future of Mountain Meadows visioning group. This committee endeavors to continually update the Mountain Meadows campus and facilities to maintain its position as an unique, premier independent-living, age 55+ community. Recommendations from the committee are presented to the Board for final approval.

Resident Services

The Resident Services Committee works with the Resident Services Director, fostering the health and well-being of Mountain Meadows residents and assisting them in maintaining their quality of life. The committee welcomes and orients new residents to our community; organizes programs and presentations that focus on specific health and safety issues; and hosts social events that bring the community together to celebrate special occasions.

Website Editorial Board

The Website Editorial Board (WEB) is responsible for maintaining and updating the Mountain Meadows Community Website.  The website was officially "launched" on March 1, 2013. Members of the WEB and management staff continue to keep the content updated and current.