Mountain Meadows Owners Association

The Mountain Meadows (MM) community consists of the Mountain Meadows Owners Association (MMOA) and four condominium associations.  All owners are members of MMOA.  All associations are governed by elected Boards of Directors in accord with the Governing Documents (CC&R's, Bylaws and policies). MMOA is the overall governing organization of the community and owns the community common property including the clubhouse, fitness center, community garden, community parks, and landscaped areas.  A management company is retained by the Boards of Directors to manage the daily affairs of the community.  The four condominium associatios are Parkside, Pavilion, Hillside, and Plum Ridge.  The community is located on a 27-acre site in Ashland, Oregon and has a total of 225 residential units consisting of 65 single-family homes and 160 condominium units.  

MMOA is governed by the Board of Directors in accordance with Governing Documents that can be found on this website.** The Board consists of seven members elected for a term of three years.  Terms are staggered over a three year period. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month.  An annual meeting is held in January to discuss the state of Mountain Meadows and to hold Board elections.  

**Click on Governance on the Main Menu to access the governing documents.

Photo by Hunter Hill.